Achievement Guide: Doritos Crash Course 2 on Xbox 360

Doritos Crash Course 2Of the 900 plus games that I currently have to choose from, I was not thrilled when the first random choice that popped up was Doritos Crash Course 2. A free-to-play game on Xbox 360 wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I decided to play each random choice that Backloggery picked from my library. Blame it on my need for achievement points that it is in my library.

I completed CC2 in roughly 12 hours. It wasn’t particularly difficult and at times I found myself enjoying it. But true to the free-to-play genre, it requires more patience than anything. Broken down, it only took a few nights, culminating in a final six or seven hour stretch that was pure grinding. With an iPod full of old podcasts and Xbox Live Party Chat, I pushed through it.

As your avatar, you will complete 20 obstacle courses on your quest for 400 achievement points. There are additional levels and challenges included beyond the requirements to unlock all 28 achievements. I didn’t enjoy myself enough to look at that content. As well as the stars earned by playing each level, you can purchase coins using real money to unlock levels faster or attain power ups for multiplayer. I did not do this.

The easiest path to finishing the achievements are as follows: First, race through each level, starting with the first level of Amazon Jungle. By doing this, you will able to get a silver or gold medal. It is important that if you die during these races, you should start over using the Back button. If you’re able to complete each race without dying, you won’t need to go back and do this later.

The split path for Level One unlocks at the end of this level. Once you open a split path, you can go back and find all 16 stars hidden in the level. You will need to spend earned stars to unlock each split path from Level Two onward. This will be the most time-consuming part of these achievements. However, by the end of all 20 levels, you should have the bulk of the game’s achievements.

If you’ve finished all races with at least silver, finished all races without dying, and collected at least 300 of the 320 hidden stars, you should have earned 17 achievements for 255 points.

From here, you’ll want to tackle the four bonus objective achievements. Since bonus objectives recycle after you’ve completed the third one in a level, find a level that you can easily complete all three without much thought. The third Amazon Jungle level is a favorite for this string of achievements. Within a couple of hours you should be able to finish the 75 bonus objectives required. This will bring your total achievements to 21 out of 28 and 315 points.

Now is a good time to clean up the last four achievements in single player. This group of achievements has you doing specific things in the game and are best illustrated by showing you. I’ve included videos by YouTube user Maka91Productions who puts together some excellent video guides.

Crash Course 1 Style:


One Step Ahead:

Smooth Operator:

This brings us to the final three achievements in the game. I kept these for last because they require you to play online. Despite this, they are pretty easy. First, you’ll want to go into the Famestar menu from the main menu and make sure you’ve completed enough objectives to earn the 500 points necessary to buy a costume. The cheapest costume is the UFO costume for 500 points.

Next, go to the in-game shop and purchase a few jinxes using the stars you’ve found throughout the levels. Before you leave the shop, make sure you’ve equipped the jinxes as well. Now enter the multiplayer menu and under matchmaking make sure that you have the game set to look for tournaments. Back out to the multiplayer menu and choose quick match from here. Once you find a match and you enter the tournament, the first thing you want to do when you start playing is use a jinx. As soon as the race begins, click the B button and after a few seconds you should receive the achievement. Once you’ve done this, just race through the levels and collect as many of the stars as you can. Chances are good that you’ll grab more stars than your opponents even if you aren’t trying to get them all. At the end of the tournament you should unlock the final achievement for Crash Course 2.

If you want to play this game, you can download it for free on Xbox 360 here.

Thanks to Maka91Productions for creating a great video guide. If you want more help in finding every star in the game, check out the rest of his Crash Course 2 videos here.

If you find this guide helpful, let me know in the comments or share it.

Next time, I’m going to cover my experience with Syphon Filter on the Playstation 1. If there’s any game you’d like to see me cover, let me know. You can check out my current library here as well.

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